Wilmington, NC: The Best Up-and-Coming EdTech Location

As an edTech entrepreneur who is looking for the best place to harvest your business, you are faced with a tough question: Where will it grow best? On the surface it may seem like there is an endless slate of options, but dig a little deeper and the answer is clear; Wilmington, North Carolina outshines the rest.

Why North Carolina?

Why Wilmington?

Wilmington is home to nationally respected tekMountain, an incubator/accelerator that is renowned for helping edTech businesses like yours reach their highest level of potential. Besides gaining the advantage of aligning your business with an industry leader, tekMountain will:

  • Pair you with the best mentors, Align you with some of the nation’s leading EdTech incubators including EDGE Edtech in the heart of New York City’s edtech ecosystem
  • Place you at the center of a web of irreplaceable connections into innovative ecosystems and entrepreneurial networks in the state and eastern United States
  • Provide you the resources you need from accounting, business and product development, sales, marketing to IT expertise.

Wilmington is an ideal location for anyone set on having a vibrant lifestyle, as well as a vibrant business.

Wilmington offers you a strong and educated workforce with a constant flow of new talent being produced by some of the top universities and community colleges in the south east US:

Wilmington is home to a strong international airport which provides easy and convenient access to the US and beyond.   Many large and successful businesses have seen the benefits of relocating to Wilmington such as:

Wilmington offers plenty of opportunities for growth and recognition for the serious entrepreneur through tekMountain’s connections to:

Wilmington’s local educational facilities are invested in and open to exploring new edTech which provides startups with a rich beta environment.  Some cutting edge examples are:

Also, with the help of Wilmington’s tekMountain you’ll be arm in arm with other industry giants like The American UndergroundHQ CommunityLearnLaunch,FounderFuel1776Packard Place, and The Startup Factory without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home base.  

Don’t make your business wait another day – see what tekMountain has to offer.

This blog was produced by the tekMountain Team of Sean AhlumMike PattonRod WhisnerAmanda SipesBailey WilsonBill DiNome. and Zach Cioffi with lead writer Alexa Doran.

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