As a startup, it’s easy to get stuck in the mindset that your social media marketing, especially with Instagram, is merely a means to an end—getting potential clients to your website, where your product shines in all its glory. After all, you’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into your website, right? You might even be closely tracking the behavior of your IG referral traffic in Google Analytics, from session durations to affinity categories to conversion rates. Once your social media traffic hits your site, you’ve got them under the proverbial microscope. But what about BEFORE they hit your site?

If you’re not harvesting aggregate data regarding your company’s IG profile activity within the platform, then you’ve created a huge gap in your digital marketing analytics. Sure, your website analytics might confirm that the traffic you’re generating from IG is right on the money in terms of target demographics, but what about that swath of your target demos that doesn’t engage with your posts by liking, bookmarking, commenting, or clicking through to your profile then website?

For example, a majority of your IG website referral traffic could be 18-24 (your target demo), but a majority of the people that interact with your posts could be 25-34. Your post times might typically be around 12pm, yet your followers’ usual time for peak activity is 7pm – 9pm. There are definitely some valuable lessons to be learned there regarding your post content and schedule, possibly even your digital marketing strategy as a whole (even beyond the IG platform).

So how do you begin to glean data for your IG account. Easy. Switch your company’s IG profile from a personal account to a business profile. It only takes a minute or so.

Business Profile Analytics

As long as you maintain at least 100 followers, you’re privy to substantial info about your profile activity right within the IG app. The Business Profile dashboard consists of three separate reports: Activity, Content, and Audience.

Activity – Are you reaching enough people?

The Interactions portion of your Activity report shows the total number of engagements (likes, comments, bookmarks, profile clicks, call-to-action button clicks) on your posts and profile per day in a seven day period, with yesterday always being the last day in the time range. This part of the report also compares your profile activity to the previous seven-day period:



The Discovery portion of your report shows the total number of accounts reached per day in the most recent seven-day period, also comparing to the previous seven-day period. Here, Reach means the number of unique accounts that interacted with your profile, while Impressions means the number of times your posts were displayed in someone’s IG feed (including repeat displays):

Content – How well are your posts & stories performing?

The Feed Posts portion of your report allows you to compare engagements (likes and comments) amongst all your regular posts in a given timeframe.

Much like the Feed Posts report, your Stories report will compare the respective performance of your stories in a given timeframe:


If you happen to be running IG ads, the Promotions report will give you general insights on how those ads/posts are performing:



Audience – Get to know your followers better

The Top Locations graphs at the beginning of your Audience report shows you the cities and countries with the highest concentrations of your followers:

The Age Range graphs show you follower concentrations across all age groups, then compare those age groups by gender:

The Gender graph gives you a simple breakdown of Male vs. Female followers:

And the Followers graph shows you peak IG activity times for your followers on any given day of the week, as well as peak activity days throughout the week:

Product Tags & Shop – Sell, sell, sell through your IG account

Once converted to a Business Profile, you’ll be able to tag individual products in your posts, allowing users to head directly to your Facebook Shop catalog.

Contact – Give your followers a direct line to your company!

This feature allows you to place contact buttons, including Call, Text, Directions, and Email, directly beneath your profile bio. Gone are the days when IG was merely a branding platform. Now you’ve got a direct extension of your business in front of everyone that hits your profile.



Elevate Your Branding

Remember—no matter how sound a marketing strategy may seem, unexpected lessons are always there to be learned. Even if you’re currently running a fairly successful IG account, chances are there’s still a good portion of your followers that haven’t truly converted to your brand. Have you ever considered how much of your blog readership is comprised of IG traffic? What about the volume of IG traffic that converts to your mailing list? These are just a few examples of how even an IG account with a substantial following still has lots of work to do. And if you’re just getting started with branding for your business, don’t be discouraged—the more vigilant and consistent you are with your social media marketing, the faster your following will grow!


This blog was produced by the tekMountain Team of Sean AhlumAmanda SipesKelly Brown, Elyssa Miller and  Bill DiNome  with lead writer Zach Cioffi.

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