Prior to coming to tekMountain, my knowledge of new technology trends was very limited. Due to extensive research and meeting with people who work in the field, I was learned a tremendous amount, specifically about artificial intelligence and blockchain and their applications in the healthcare space. Here are a few key takeaways that we learned during our summer internship at tekMountain:

  • We learned how artificial intelligence is being used in today’s world, specifically types of AI like Deep Learning. Once machines are properly programmed they are then able to learn by themselves without the help of humans. This makes them many times more powerful than the human brain. Facebook is using Deep Learning by screening posts to filter out any illegal or inappropriate content before it is released into the internet.
  • We learned many of the possible ways that AI can be used in the future and its immense possibilitieis. We were able to see diverse opinions about artificial intelligence and its future. Great innovators of our time such as Elon Musk say  that we should be fearful of AI and what comes with it. On the other side of the spectrum stand giants such as Facebook and Amazon who are embracing the new wave of change and using to their advantage by increasing their platforms’ efficiency. At the rate that artificial intelligence is developing, some hope that machines will help to accelerate and perfect the healthcare system, for example, by diagnosing illness before before a patient can see a doctor, or to aid in surgery.
  • Another tech trend we observed through our AI projects was blockchain, a very complex topic. Blockchain is reinventing the idea of trust. It is based on storing and updating data across a decentralized network of servers, making it humanly impossible to hack or falsify. The ability to ensure the reliability and integrity of information across multiple locations solidifies the information’s validity and security.


I am thankful for the opportunity that tekMountain has given me to develop as a young professional. This internship has allowed me to take my next steps into my working future with greater sense of awareness and confidence.

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