In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jason Saltzman sits down with two successful entrepreneurs to hear about their stories.

Joe Regal, the founder of Zola Books, wanted to change the book industry, so he quit his highly lucrative job to start Zola Books. He invested time and money into people who knew books, but he soon realized his company wasn’t a traditional publishing company but a tech company. After initially outsourcing developers for the project, he scrambled to find the perfect developers for the project.

David Metz, founder of FleetWit, saw an opportunity with the skilled gaming industry. He brought to life FleetWit, an app where you can win money playing trivia. With the heavy lifting in the gambling laws already done by apps like DraftKings and FanDuel, guidelines for the app were clearly outlined. Metz, however, found his most resilient times to be fundraising. For most founders, this could feel like another job on top of your many other ones. Learn how this game-loving entrepreneur dealt with fundraising and how he doesn’t like playing games when it comes to raising money.

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Source: Entrepreneur; What It Takes to Build Your Own Successful Business

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