During the six-week highly intensive internship program at tekMountain, I focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and how it could relate to healthcare. I was tasked to create a new means for AI to benefit the healthcare sector, specifically teaching and assessing EQ and other soft skills to nurses. Prior to my internship I knew very little about AI, but through this study as well as my interaction with tekMountain members and CastleBranch employees, I gained a much better understanding of the technology. Where I used to think of AI strictly as robots that would eventually take over the world, I learned that AI is much more than just hardware and that its software capabilities, especially machine learning, could greatly improve nursing assessments. Moving forward, I’d like to continue researching AI and how it will be further integrated into our industries and everyday life. I am so grateful for my time with tekMountain, as I gained valuable hands-on experience and learned from successful mentors and executives how to approach problem-solving, and life in general, as an opportunity to innovate.

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