Why do companies need an innovation culture? What exactly is an innovation culture? tekMountain helps to create the work environments that inspire leaders, business owners, and startups to think outside the box. Here are six innovative culture ideas that I learned from my internship at tekMountain.

  1. Everyone Has Their Own Mountain to Climb
    • The idea that every entrepreneur has a mountain to climb is the central focus at tekMountain. Every entrepreneur starts at the bottom of the mountain with an idea, and through execution finds herself at top of the mountain. The excursion of the climb is one that many are not able to execute. No one can take you off the mountain but yourself.
  2. A Good Leader Must be Able to See What is Coming Around the Corner
    • It is critical that the company leadership is thinking ahead when it comes to moving forward in the workplace. Moreover, in order to stay ahead in the market, a good leader should be able to see what is happening around the corner before someone else gets there.
  3. There Are Different Types of Entrepreneurs
    • One of the biggest misconceptions I had before arriving at tekMountain was that only one person in a startup could be the entrepreneur. Working at tekMountain showed me that anyone who decides to embark on a journey that pushes boundaries beyond the norm is an entrepreneur in someone way.
  4. Building Your Team With the Right People is Essential
    • To be successful, you need to surround yourself with the right kind of people. Hiring smart people, imparting to them the organization’s vision, and gathering a diveristy of skills and perspectives are essential to an effective team.
  5. Entrepreneurship Is a Lonely Road. Reaching Out is Key
    • tekmountain allows many different types of entrepreneurs to work in a coworking space where they can mutually support one another. No one can succeed alone. Success depends on receiving the necessary support along the way, not just material and financial support, but also social and moral support and encouragement.
  6. Work-Life Balance Is Necessary
    • While I met with different entrepreneurs and heare about their journeys, they made it very clear that without work-life balance, it is easy to get lost. Making time for family and friends provides entrepreneurs with the fuel and mental relief they need to run their business.


Entrepreneurship is not easy, and tekMountain creates an environment to encourage entrepreneurs to thrive. Providing access to mentors, a creative space, and networking opportunities, tekMountain creates a safe place for entrepreneurs to work hard and succeed.

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