For all of us at tekMountain, 2018 marked a year of forging ahead while also expanding our focus. Our blog continued to report on our core focuses of medtech, HR tech, and edtech, but we also forayed into providing DIY tips and strategies to help startups save time and money.

In the healthcare sphere, we zeroed in on the nursing deficit and how various innovation markets are helping to combat it, while also discussing the potentialities for blockchain in identity management.

In the edtech and HR tech spheres, we covered millennial engagement trends and retainment strategies from a general perspective, then tied these concepts back into nurse placement and staffing.

And with our new focus on DIY tips for startups, we offered best-of lists for apps that optimize work efficiency and health/work balance, and started an expansive series of DIY marketing strategies for startups.

All in all, it was another incredible year of surprises and successes, and we’d like to thank our blog readers always keeping tabs on the endless goings-on at tekMountain. Here’s a look back at our top 5 most popular blogs of 2018:


Synergize Your Biz with These 5 Scheduling Apps

Whether you’re managing in-house meetings or client appointments, optimizing your scheduling is a timeless endeavor. Thank goodness we’re living in the Age of the App. From basic scheduling functions to client-facing e-calendars to desktop sharing and web conferencing software, the perfect app is out there waiting for your business, and chances are it offers a decent freemium version.

But be sure to ask yourself a few important questions:

  1. How well does this app integrate with other commonly used business apps like, say, your company’s CRM?
  2. Should the need arise, does the scheduling app integrate with automation tools?

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The Nursing Deficit (Part 6): Bridging the Talent Gap

The aging American population needs increasingly more access to healthcare services, one-third of the nursing population is or will soon be retiring, and the current nursing turnover rate is 20% . . . sound like a nursing deficit? That’s where talent pipeline management (TPM) steps in.

TPM takes the principles of supply chain management–the coordination of companies and business activities involved in creating, delivering, and using an end product–and applies them to companies suffering from a skills gap in their workforce. In the context of hiring nurses, employers must use TPM to become more effective at forming performance-driven partnerships with educational and workforce training providers, which will go a long way in helping to close the skills gap.

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5 Health Fitness Apps That Fuel The Creative Drive

Thinking outside the box–it’s the classic entrepreneurial cliché. But what about thinking outside of the box about thinking itself? Study after study has shown that consistent exercise and balanced nutrition lead to higher creative output. And there are scores of apps to help you organize your fitness regimen amidst the chaos of your professional and personal schedule.

We’ve selected 5 apps that span the core areas of any fitness plan:

  • Planning the general trajectory of your diet and exercise
  • Aligning your grocery shopping with your dietary needs
  • Tracking meals/counting calories
  • Outlining and rotating your exercise routines to avoid plateauing
  • Fitness tracking via universal metrics
  • Routine meditation
  • Tracking sleep patterns and optimizing your waking routine

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$6 Billion Reasons Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs Digital Health

In 2017 alone, digital health saw $6 billion in venture funding. It’s no longer a matter of when digital health will be implemented–it’s a matter of how. And that starts with three major components:

  • Security and compliance in Healthcare IT
  • Innovation through Healthcare APIs
  • Delivering insurance coverage more efficiently

The overarching concern here for every healthcare organization is adopting the right system and strategy for access and communication of EMRs and EHRs across secure networks, whether within a particular organization or interdependently across regional markets.

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, the greater Wilmington area showed just how strong we truly are. Thanks to local organizations like WARM and The Good Shepherd and New Hanover Regional Medical Center, as well as incoming help like World Central Kitchen and the American Red Cross, relief efforts across Southeastern NC were incredible.

What makes this article useful beyond just Hurricane Florence alone is that, in part 2, we zero in on the most effective ways to donate to those in need. Thanks to WARM director JC Lyle, we learn that, for instance, cash donations help boots on the ground much more quickly (typically) than donating particular materials (unless, that is, a organization on the ground has made specific requests).

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Hello 2019!

Some may get bittersweet about the passing of another year, but here at tekMountain we only get more excited. From our innovation center all the way out to our partnerships and initiatives, there’s no telling what incredible experiences 2019 has in store for us–and that’s the way we like it! So, to you and yours, we wish you good health and good cheer in the new year!

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