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Our Picks

Building a Startup That Will Last

For the past decade, growth rates have defined success for most technology companies. Moore’s Law enabled unprecedented computing power, setting off a sprint in winner-take-all marketplaces with increasing returns to… Read more »

AI Powers ‘Self-Healing’ Technology

Companies are tapping artificial intelligence to automate the care of their operations and information-technology infrastructure, finding that AI can identify and fix problems more quickly than humans. Source: AI Powers… Read more »

Innovation: 5 do’s and don’ts to get people outside the comfort zone

One of the trickiest parts of leading a large team is motivating them to innovate. As the one in the organization most often looked to for innovation, you must push… Read more »

How To Foster Immediate Lasting Success For Female Entrepreneurs And Startups

While the number of female entrepreneurs is growing globally, women continue to face challenges on their startup journey. Source: How To Foster Immediate Lasting Success For Female Entrepreneurs And Startups

Video and Messaging Enable Remote Work. But is it right for your company?

Four-day work week. Open-plan offices. Work-life balance. Remote work. There are endless ways to set up your team and company for success. And there’s evidence for and against all of… Read more »

Five Traditional Industries On The Verge Of An Innovation Boom

What do you think about when you hear the terms “disruption” and “technological innovation?” What industries and sectors come to mind? Source: Five Traditional Industries On The Verge Of An… Read more »

How to navigate the world of startups

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the thought of building a company from scratch can be daunting. What if no one wants to buy what you’re selling? Where will the money come from… Read more »

Why Entrepreneurship Alone Isn’t Enough To Make You Really Rich

Entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs for a number of reasons. Being your own boss ranks high on the list. The sense of accomplishment that comes with creating a company and making it… Read more »

How Business Professionals Can Redefine the Success of Your Startup

Most of the early-age startups often end up reinventing the wheel, stretching out with the tasks which aren’t necessarily their forte. They open up multiple departments while growing up and… Read more »

40 Stats On Digital Transformation And Customer Experience

Many of the biggest trends and changes to customer experience fall under digital transformation. Companies are seeing the need to focus on creating convenient, digital solutions both internally for their… Read more »

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Putting the ‘Med’ in MedTech: Three Tips for How Clinicians Can Succeed In Digital Health

As digital technology becomes ever more central to improving healthcare, we are seeing that governments, policymakers, industry groups and patients are increasingly focused on a fundamental question: what makes a… Read more »

10 Keys To “Do” From Two Women Masters

Dispelling “the entrepreneurial myth” of being hit by a lightening bolt of a brilliant idea that then becomes the next Facebook or Google, Alfia Ilicheva and Maria Potoroczyn, Cofounders of… Read more »

Venture South Starting Wilmington Angel Investment Group

VentureSouth, an angel investment network, is starting a Wilmington chapter seeking to connect local investors and provide funding opportunities to entrepreneurs in the region. Wilmington will be VentureSouth’s 14th location,… Read more »

Heading for the future: how digital health is showing potential for improving services

The rapid development and evolution of digital health technology means that businesses will need to carefully consider use of Intellectual Property to protect innovations. In contrast to some other healthcare… Read more »

Corporate Innovation Needs Innovation

Big companies do many things better than their smaller peers, but corporate innovation sure doesn’t seem to be one of them.   Source: Corporate Innovation Needs Innovation

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: What Does It Mean for Our Region?

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and technological expansion has both stirred imaginations, as well as stoked concerns of job loss and income inequality. Jean de La Fontaine’s aphorism, “Everyone… Read more »

How AI and machine learning are changing prosthetics

Imagine a prosthetic arm with the sensory capabilities of a human arm, or a robotic ankle that mimics the healthy ankle’s response to changing activity. Hollywood has long popularized imaginative… Read more »

This Is The Information Edtech Entrepreneurs Need To Know To Succeed

From the education world of classrooms to Silicon Valley’s development of thousands of edtech products, there has always been a missing link between educators and entrepreneurs. From the entrepreneurial world,… Read more »

How To Start The Right Online Business To Match Your Personality

How many times have we heard that approximately half of all small businesses fail by the fifth year mark? There have been hundreds of articles written and entrepreneurial training programs… Read more »

As telehealth tech explodes in use, can medicine preserve the human touch?

For all the benefits that come with technology in healthcare, sometimes there’s no replacement for a little dose of humanity. Never was this more apparent than after media reports surfaced… Read more »

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The World’s Most Innovative Medtech Companies

Innovation is medtech’s middle name, so it’s always a nice surprise to see companies in the industry honored for being innovative. Fast Company released a list Wednesday recognizing 10 such companies in… Read more »

Three imperatives for educators to get more women in tech

In addition to turning up nearly two billion Google search results, those three words are music to the ears of every informed CEO or human resources manager across the U.S…. Read more »

Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Human Innovation

Over the past few years, businesses across many industries have been increasingly relying on artificial intelligence to deliver business value. According to Forbes, Gartner estimated that artificial intelligence (AI) will contribute… Read more »

12 Key Factors For Deciding If New Tech Is Right For Your Organization

As the time between new technological developments seems to grow shorter and shorter, companies need to investigate which of the many new tech ideas emerging on the market will truly… Read more »

How colleges are using back-end AI to save time

North Carolina’s public community colleges had a problem. Although the system had a wealth of learning resources, faculty members could use to develop their courses, there was no simple way… Read more »

‘It saved my life’: Apple Watch, Fitbit are notifying users of medical emergencies

“Seek medical attention,” the display read after the 18-year-old’s resting heart rate skyrocketed to 190 beats per minute. A normal resting heart rate for adults 18 and older is between 60… Read more »

Tech companies see health data as a huge opportunity, but people don’t trust them

The average American would rather share their health data with pharmaceutical companies, health insurers and the government than with tech companies like Amazon and Facebook. That’s according to the latest… Read more »

AI closer to making teachers’ jobs easier, but still unlikely to replace them

Instead of concerns that artificial intelligence (AI) may someday replace teachers, advancements in the technology, such as machine learning, can help educators address common classroom challenges, Robert Murphy of the… Read more »

IBM hopes 1 million diverse faces can reduce bias in AI

IBM Research on Tuesday released a new data set that contains 1 million images of diverse human faces, with an aim to help advance fairness and accuracy in facial recognition… Read more »

Prioritizing Innovation – How major players in medtech stay ahead of the curve

In the medtech industry, if you don’t innovate, you can’t compete. While innovation and breakthrough technologies may be the core currency at startups, larger medical device firms have more to… Read more »

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How Employee Well-Being Drives Innovation At Work, And How Leadership Can Foster It

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of any successful company. It’s what drives an organization forward and keeps it relevant. Whether trying to grow your business, keep up in… Read more »

How Universities Can Mitigate IoT Risk on Campus

Universities are experiencing an exponential growth of Internet of Things devices, which means university IT teams will need to increase their security measures to ensure their campuses are protected.  … Read more »

These 7 Video Tips and Tricks Will Help Get Your Website Noticed

It’s just another day at work: Spreadsheets, conference calls and emails abound. Come noon, and you can’t help but take a quick break. Then, something happens: A sneaky push notification… Read more »

How to Leverage Your Skills to Start a Side Business

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2016 report, more than 25 million Americans have initiated entrepreneurial ventures. Being an entrepreneur is synonymous with being a risk taker, and one of… Read more »

5 tech trends to watch in 2019 (and a reality check on last year’s picks)

Innovation in the tech industry moves at a breakneck pace, and 2018 was a fantastic example of that. 2019 might not move as fast innovation-wise, but it is likely the… Read more »

Five innovation trends that will impact the healthcare industry in 2019

The behavioral health epidemic, artificial intelligence and more procedures being done in outpatient settings are some the key 2019 trends that will determine how decision makers purchase technology.   Source:… Read more »

HIMSS: Health coaching could boost value of wearables

  A report by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and sponsored by wearables pioneer Fitbit suggests health coaches — professionals who facilitate patient treatment and education for physicians… Read more »

Trends for 2019: Innovation will become faster and more flexible

As consumer trends shift innovation will need to be faster than ever in 2019 with companies radically changing tactics in order to create a start-up culture. Source: Trends for 2019:… Read more »

11 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating An App For Your Business

Mobile apps are everywhere, and many big brands already depend on them to enhance the customer experience. Thanks to low-code app development platforms, it’s easier than ever for any company to join… Read more »

The World’s Most Powerful Women In Business 2018: Driving Change From The Corner Office

When Mary Barra joined the General Motors Co. in 1980, the Kettering University co-op student worked the factory floor, inspecting vehicles at the Pontiac Motor Division. Little did the 18-year-old… Read more »

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4 In-Demand Skills You Can Learn Online

High costs of college tuition and the growing abundance of online resources to learn about topics from computer science to blockchains have created an unprecedented opportunity for self-taught professionals and… Read more »

In 2019, Expect A Year Of Technology Challenges and Clarity

As 2018 comes to a close, many CTOs will approach the new year with optimism and a bit of ambiguity around how emerging technologies and innovations in networking will impact… Read more »

10 Ways To Encourage Company Innovation In Your Employees

Looking for a wave of fresh ideas? Not every innovation has to come from the top down. Your work family is probably brimming with potential and thoughtful new ways to… Read more »

How This Entrepreneur Turned A 100-Year-Old Business Model Into A $100 Million Acquisition

Dane Madsen has proved to be an incredible deal maker. He not only built one of the most famous companies twice, but sold his startup for $100 million. Here’s what… Read more »

Why Large Companies Continue to Struggle With Innovation

There is something seductive about success. It lures people into doing the same things that made them successful in the past. This is especially the case for organizations that have… Read more »

Google and the Rest of the Tech Industry Are Grappling With These 3 Data Problems

Politicians have the tech industry in their cross hairs following recent high-profile data blunders like Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. The question is what to do.   Source: Google and the… Read more »

An Amazon-backed startup is selling smartglasses for $1,000 that are customized to your face

There’s a vision of the future in Silicon Valley that one day, highly advanced glasses will be able to provide useful information inside their lenses. Instead of looking at your… Read more »

Why Apple, Google, and Amazon Hired Cardiologists

Big Silicon Valley companies have often competed for talent with specialized skills, like expertise in artificial intelligence or trendy new programming languages. Now they’re competing for heart doctors.   Source:… Read more »

3 Ways Health Systems Can Prepare for Natural Disasters

Here are three things to consider to ensure your health system is properly prepared should a natural disaster strike close to home.   Source: 3 Ways Health Systems Can Prepare… Read more »

5 Trends Emerge in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2018

Widespread artificial intelligence, biohacking, new platforms and immersive experiences dominate this year’s Gartner Hype Cycle. Source: 5 Trends Emerge in the Gartner Hype Cyble for Emerging Technologies, 2018

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Talent will determine the world’s next tech investment hubs

For years, Silicon Valley wasn’t the main place many venture capitalists looked for deals — it was the only place. But the Bay Area is beginning to lose its once… Read more »

Rock Health: Digital health adoption on the rise, but wearables, telemedicine lag behind

Eighty-seven percent of Americans used at least one digital health tool in 2017, up from 80 percent in 2015, according to a new survey out from Rock Health. For the… Read more »

7 Women Leaders At Corporate Venture Capital Funds You Should Know

Your startup may be intent on disrupting their industry, however, in the venture maze of funding options, it would benefit your business to pay much more attention to corporate venture… Read more »

Apple Buys Maker of Augmented Reality Lenses

Apple Inc. (AAPL) has acquired a Denver, Colorado-based manufacturer of augmented reality lenses for an undisclosed sum. Apple’s acquisition of the startup offers the clearest indication yet that the Cupertino,… Read more »

Okay Google: Voice Search Technology And The Rise Of Voice Commerce

Whether you say “Okay Google” or “Alexa” (depending on which smart speaker you have) – voice search technology is changing our world. Source: “Okay Google: Voice Search Technology And The… Read more »

Do You Have Too Much Tech or Not Enough? 5 Ways to Find Out

Your office technology fuels your business — but what’s too much tech, and what’s too little? Source: Do You Have Too Much Tech or Not Enough? 5 Ways to Find… Read more »

Special report: A beginning entrepreneur’s guide to Triangle startup community

Last summer, ExitEvent published an interactive 101-style guide to the Triangle startup community before the publication merged with WRAL TechWire. The guide was meant to be a gateway into the… Read more »

Six Things Wilmington Professionals Should Know

The Swain Center for Executive Education shares their top six trending themes to help you and your organizations grow.   Source: Greater Wilmington Business Journal 

Top Technologies Impacting The Real Estate Market Today

With as much as 56% of buyers 36 years old and younger finding their homes on the internet, according to the National Association of Realtors, being an agent or investor on… Read more »

Voice Tech Will Kill The Keyboard – The 3 Ways Your Business Can Survive

Voice technology may be relatively new, but as the global popularity of Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant and Alexa shows, consumers are more than ready to move on from their keyboards.   Source:… Read more »

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US Treasury Dept. Fintech Innovation Report Touches on Crypto, Blockchain

A major new report from the U.S. Treasury Department published July 31 has called for a more agile and conducive regulatory approach to innovations in the fintech sector.   Source:… Read more »

5 Retailers Using Tech to Create Futuristic Stores

Self-checkout is already available at many retailers but is just the beginning of automation coming to big-box stores. Source: 5 Retailers Using Tech to Create Futuristic Stores

Commentary: Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

In the health care industry, Artificial Intelligence can go beyond data collection and administrative tasks — if providers and patients allow it.   Source: Commentary: Artificial Intelligence in Health Care… Read more »

Networking Innovation Is Finally Catching Up with the Cloud

The benefits of cloud networking in the data centre come down to three key values: scale, performance and cost. Source: Networking Innovation Is Finally Catching Up with the Cloud

What Your Innovation Process Should Look Like

Companies and government agencies often make the mistake of viewing innovation as a set of unconstrained activities with no discipline. In reality, for innovation to contribute to a company or… Read more »

Why Design Thinking Won’t Solve All Your Innovation Problems

Over the last couple of years, design thinking has become one of the most common innovation buzzwords, and therefore, has become seen as a panacea to “doing” innovation. The reality,… Read more »

Have the Tech Giants Grown Too Powerful? That’s an Easy One

In start-up lore, no figure is more venerated than the tech-world founder. No mere entrepreneur, the founder is unique, sitting above the categories other people might use to order the… Read more »

22 Books Highly Recommended by Successful People

People who achieve the most in life are keen on self-improvement, which is why they’re also often voracious readers. Here are some excellent titles to check out, recommended by nearly… Read more »

GE moves to spin off healthcare division

After a year of soul searching and strategic review, GE announced its move today to spin off GE Healthcare into a standalone company over the next 12 to 18 months…. Read more »

Bootstrapping or Venture Capital: The pros and cons every startup should think about

The question you need to be asking yourself in the beginning is: “Are you a startup or a small business?”. Is your business there to support your lifestyle as a business… Read more »

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Why More Women Will Make The Blockchain Stronger

This lack of gender diversity is also evident at blockchain-related events. Earlier this year, The New York Times reported that the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami had 84 male… Read more »

Will blockchain disrupt social media next?

For many, the arrival of bitcoin – the cryptocurrency predicted to hit a value of $1.2 trillion by the end of 2018 – promised something much more than quicker online… Read more »

10 New Services That’ll Make You Say, ‘Why Didn’t I Think of That’

Remember when ride-hailing apps and on-demand streaming services felt revolutionary? Every day, entrepreneurs are producing the next brilliant products — things that are so intuitively useful, and so instantly longed… Read more »

5 Key Reasons Business Owners Need to Know About Fintech

Technology has radically revolutionized the way companies are conducting their business.  Financial technology (often referred to as fintech) is one such technology that has fundamentally changed how organizations, small, medium… Read more »

How Individuals Can Invest in Tech Startups

You don’t have to be a Silicon Valley venture capitalist to invest in the hot new technology startups. Individuals interested in startups can invest through angel groups or online platforms… Read more »

Five Ways Voice Technology Is Transforming Our Lives And Businesses

Voice technology is changing how we surf the net, buy products and interact with our devices. Already, we can search for coffee shops while we’re driving and order pizza from… Read more »

How HRTech Spreads Feel-Good Vibes Around the Office

Instead of rewarding only a small group of high-performers, Openlink, a trading and financial risk technology company, decided to redistribute the same budget.   Source: How HRTech Spreads Feel-Good Vibes… Read more »

When Passion and Technology Meet

Ash Bhat and Rohan Phadte have been friends since junior high in San Jose, Calif., when Mr. Bhat dove into coding and Mr. Phadte tinkered with robots. Now, they are… Read more »

Bitcoin Is Sucking Up So Much Energy, It Could Stop Being Profitable

The bitcoin network could use 0.5 percent of the world’s energy consumption by the end of this year, and it could soon cost so much to mine the cryptocurrency that… Read more »

What is GDPR? Everything you need to know about Europe’s new data law

A revolution in how companies handle your personal information is happening. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect across the European Union on May 25, introducing much tougher… Read more »

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