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Meet Our Ambassador.

Marc is venturing on an 18 month journey exploring the world, himself, and tomorrow's technology. Learn more about Marc and become part of his journey.


The Tek Life

Tomorrow's technology can stem from anywhere in the world. By exploring the world's tech hubs and innovation centers, as well as other cultures and continents, Marc hopes to find insights and ideas that will help shape his future. A key component is the myself exploration. Marc will explore concepts like self leadership and self awareness by meeting with experts in the field. He will immerse himself in rich cultural and spiritual environments. As part of the millennial generation, Marc is charged to take a pulse on the future trends of his peer group. Marc's journey is certainly life changing and will provide the foundation for his innovative entrepreneurial efforts of the future.

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"Where the millennials go, the world is going"

Brett Martin, CEO and founder, tekMountain and CastleBranch

Experiences I Will Take Away for The Future

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What I learned from my AI research

During the six-week highly intensive internship program at tekMountain, I focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and how it could relate to healthcare. I was tasked to create a new means… Read more »


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