tekMountain’s 10 most-read tech-innovation posts of 2016

An old adage says you can’t know where you’re headed without understanding where you’ve been. It could be seen as the basis for countless New Year’s resolutions and business plans. In that spirit, here is a distillation of the 10 most-read posts from this blog in 2016, working from the tenth most-read to the first. Taken together, they are a celebration of Southeast North Carolina’s burgeoning tech ecosystem centered upon Wilmington, NC, and its premiere tech incubator- accelerator, tekMountain, with its roots and tendrils connecting to innovation centers everywhere.

The Wilmington Startup Social: Local BBQ, Striking Copper, surfboards and endless innovation

Monday Aug 15th, 2016

It was 96 degrees in the shade in Wilmington July 29th. But it was cool as all getout in the ground-floor rec room of tekMountain at CastleBranch as some 350 entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors, tech innovators and tM@CB employees gathered for the first ExitEvent Startup Social held in the Port City, hosted by tekMountain.

Hot new startup segments in SENC

Tuesday June 14th, 2016

In the eye of the seasoned venture-capital investor, North Carolina’s Port City of Wilmington has a long way to go before it’s a fully realized startup ecosystem. But the pieces are falling into place particularly across three fast-moving segments: marine & life science, business services, and high technology. Find out what the buzz is all about with Wilmington’s sea-level startups.

How U.S. Cities Foster Innovation: Part One – The Major Tech Hubs

Monday July 25th, 2016

Everybody talks innovation ecosystem, but who’s actually doing something about it? For some nascent tech communities, it’s still a pipe dream. For other, more developed regions, this innovation ecosystem isn’t just a buzzword–it’s the way of life.

Who’s The Real MVP

Wednesday May 4th, 2016

Who’s the real MVP? Not who, but what – your minimum viable product. This is often considered to be a stripped-down version of a new product idea that has just enough features to gather measurable learning about itself and its potential market. But this classic definition can be somewhat restrictive. Which MVP strategy works best for you?

Speech! Speech!: tekMountain Toasts the Best Speakers at ASU GSV 2016

Wednesday Apr 27th, 2016

How does three days in sunny San Diego equal a new face to #education? When you add in Bill Gates, Condoleezza Rice, Michael Moe, and more great speakers. For the Who’s Who of this year’s ASU GSV Summit, check this out.

Legal Issues for Startups — What to Do Before “Life Happens”

Wednesday June 1st, 2016

Did you know that your future goals for scaling your startup influence the type of legal structure you elect for your business today? … That, chances are, your home state may not be the best place to incorporate? … That oftentimes your startup’s only real protection against competitors is your intellectual property? Find out why specialized legal counsel may be the best money you’ll ever spend.

Three Essential Elements to Every Cannabis Startup

Wednesday Apr 20th, 2016

The reputational and legal risk that kept institutional investors away from the booming cannabis industry early on is lifting, and investors are all-in. Despite the fact that cannabis is now America’s fastest-growing industry, one fact looms large: Pot is still banned by federal law. That means no bank can enter the field. Loans are off limits. There are no silent investors in cannabis if you’re doing it legally. You really need to know all about your partners as you secure capital or scale your business. The rapid growth of the industry has caught our attention attekMountainfor its  unprecedented investment opportunities and new market potential.

Coding: A Pillar of Wilmington’s Tech Edifice

Wednesday May 11th, 2016

Coders are to the tech industry what skilled carpenters are to new-home construction: the framers upon whom the entire edifice depends. One way of building the coder base in #Wilmington, NC is to assume responsibility for training a skilled, talented, state-of-the-art work force. Here’s why framing in the coding infrastructure is crucial to Wilmington’s tech infrastructure.

Innovate NC: Game-Changer

Wednesday Mar 30th, 2016

The need for North Carolina to assume its rightful place in the knowledge economy has never been more timely. With the launch last year of InnovateNC and its first Wilmington convening April 11th & 12th, the game is about to change.

tekMountain and the Magic of ASU GSV

Wednesday Apr 6th, 2016

At the end of April tekMountain will be packing their bags and heading to sunnySan Diego for the 2016ASU GSV Summit. This three-day edtech extravaganza is a collaboration betweenGSV Capital, a Silicon Valley based venture capital fund, andArizona State University, the number one school for innovation in America.


All of us at tekMountain wish you a very happy holiday and success in 2017. Our extensive network of investors, founders, marketers and mentors invite you to contact us to help you realize your goals for the years to come.

This blog was produced by the tekMountain Team of Sean AhlumAmanda Sipes, and Zach Cioffi with lead writer Bill DiNome.

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