From Internet of things – IoT and smart homes to driverless cars and wireless charging, 2017 is supposed to be a big year for technology. But we still don’t see cars driving themselves down the highway, and most of us still have to physically plug in our phones to charge at night. A lot of the buzzwords used in tech today revolve around technology that’s still to come. However, there is one sector in the tech world that has made huge strides in 2017: Medical Technology. While Medtech might not be as catchy as robotic butlers or virtual reality, there are companies making huge advances in healthcare that will inevitably impact the way we live our lives in a much bigger way than AI powered light switches could. From hospital tech and wearables to mobile apps and social networks, check out the ways medical technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry.


Source: Huffington Post; How MedTech Is Revolutionising The Healthcare Industry

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