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The tekMountain Global Innovation Ambassador Initiative is a first-of-its-kind endeavor to provide young entrepreneurs a life-changing experience by placing them into the various innovative ecosystems that are scattered across the globe. Our goal is to expose students to the world’s different markets, energies, ideas, and experiences to assess the pulse of global innovation and to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs. Women and underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged to apply!

TekMountain Ambassadors are respected young professionals

who are committed to life-long learning and improvement. They are risk takers who have entrepreneurship and innovation deeply rooted in their core DNA.

Meet Our Ambassadors


Mary Brannock

Mary Brannock was chosen as tekMountain’s inaugural Global Innovation Ambassador, a first-of-its-kind, annual initiative to provide an aspiring female entrepreneur the chance to immerse herself in innovation ecosystems across the globe. One of the nation’s emerging entrepreneurial centers, tekMountain leverages its extensive network of global startup hubs, partners, and international mentors to create an exclusive opportunity for a young woman to connect with big-picture thinkers and leaders in order to tackle some of the world’s most daunting issues.


As a Women’s eHealth innovator and University of North Carolina Wilmington graduate with a BS in Cultural Anthropology, Mary committed to broadening her global perspective to better understand women’s access to healthcare in all of its iterations around the world. Her innate drive, inquisitive mind, and fresh talent impressed us from the start—we knew she had what it takes to meet this challenge head-on. And as this was Mary’s first ever international trip, she learned to be a traveler on her own, sometimes thrown off-kilter when navigating new places and new languages, but always thinking on her feet and forging ahead.


Marc Boileau

Marc is from Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada and is a recent graduate from Acadia University with a bachelors in business administration majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Marc will be venturing off on an 18-month journey exploring the world, himself, and tomorrow’s technology.

Tomorrow's technology can stem from anywhere in the world. Marc will explore the world's tech hubs and innovation centers, as well as other cultures and practices. Marc hopes to find insights and ideas that will help shape his future. A key component is the myself exploration. Marc will explore the concepts of self leadership and self awareness by meeting with experts in the field as well as immersing himself in rich cultural and spiritual environments. As part of the millennial generation Marc will investigate where future trends are heading for his peer group. As our CEO and founder Brett Martin has stated, “ Where millennials go, the world is going”.


Catherine Armstrong

Catherine is from rural North Carolina, USA. She is a student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington majoring in business administration with concentrations in supply chain management/entrepreneurship and business development and minoring in Spanish.

She is passionate about people and using business to create sustainable solutions to the world’s problems.

Catherine believes technology and innovation are the only ways to provide effective solutions to the world’s problems. As tekMountain’s Global Ambassador for the summer of 2019, she will be traveling around the world to meet social entrepreneurs, hear their stories, learn why/how they advance the causes that they do, and how they are measuring their impact. From this primary research and much self-reflection throughout her journey, Catherine hopes to discover how she can fit into the international web of social entrepreneurship and make an impact on the lives of others.

What We Do:


our next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to tackle the emerging pain points in our global markets.


the real life stories of our ambassadors as they discover new markets, networks, and subject matter experts.


new emerging markets and the products and solutions that meet the dynamic global market needs.


with the big picture thinkers that are intrinsically plugged into the networks that are leading innovation through radically changing times.


for a truly innovative global community that empowers the voice of the entrepreneur.

TekMountain Global Ambassadors are motivated self-starters who are reliable, honest and resourceful.

Ideas Behind the Initiative

The Ambassador Program is an initiative we launched for the first time last year. The idea behind the initiative is to assist entrepreneurs to become more heavily involved in creating solutions to some of the world’s most pressing pain points while challenging them towards personal and professional growth. Our program places ambassadors into different global cultures with the ability to be the organizing force that brings innovation to light and addresses our global societal needs.

*Women and underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged to apply!

Mountain Climbing

Ambassadors are passionate about giving back to our global community.

they understand the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation. They collectively leverage our talent and networks to invest in innovation. They are excited about building professional networks and relationships with our community of fellow global innovators.

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