Through the international internship program at tekMountain, I enjoyed many fascinating experiences. Whether it was the jam-packed meeting schedule with many brilliant entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors, or taking a work break to play ping pong, my time in the program was truly life changing and amazing. I was intrigued by tekMountain’s laid-back yet electric environment. As soon as you enter the building, you see a ton of smiles and driven individuals who are all striving toward the big break that will push their business to the next level. I also enjoyed the crossfit classes available to all employees. But my biggest takeaway was how well the upper management and staff worked together. These people come to work with one thing in mind: make the company better, and do it with gratitude, compassion and kindness. Being able to sit on the same floor with upper management in such an open environment, and seeing so many of the particulars behind their work, is inspiring for anyone—let alone an intern! The kindness that was shown towards me during my stay is something that I aspire to show others through my journey in business, as it really made me feel like my workplace was my home.

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