I come from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. During my stay in Wilmington, I noticed some striking differences between the tech culture there versus that of my hometown. Wilmington is certainly elite by comparison. Everywhere I turned there was someone with a brilliant idea and extensive knowledge in new and useful technologies coming to market. This was extremely interesting to see, as in Halifax we are a little more old-fashioned, adopting new technologies a little more slowly. At tekMountain, people were so engaged with the latest trends in innovation, and there was always a great turnout at the company’s weekly meetups and presentations. But this excitement extended throughout the city of Wilmington as a whole. Everybody seems to be at least a bit familiar with the city’s tech scene, whereas, in Halifax, you’ve got to find a niche group of people to even begin discussing technology and innovation. Whether you’re a coder or you’ve got a solid tech idea that could generate a successful business, Wilmington is the place to be.

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