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Thoughts About tekMountain

Adam Burke

CEO of Kalabur February 7, 2018
“I was amazed to find such a connected and vibrant workspace in Wilmington, North
Carolina. tekMountain draws some of the best business minds and technologists together
for the purpose of growing and scaling high-impact, technology based companies.”

Mayor Bill Saffo

Mayor of Wilmington February 9, 2018
“tekMountain has been an amazing addition to our economic development efforts.
They continue to bring the world’s best resources to our area that are instrumental in
developing a workforce capable of excelling in the digitally connected marketplace.”

Woody White

Chairman of County Commisioners February 15, 2018

“TekMountain has been instrumental in its pursuit of a vision to transform the new economy in southeastern North Carolina. The parent company, CastleBranch, has rolled up its sleeves and gotten the job done since they moved here in the early 2000’s. TekMountain is following in that same tradition.”

Dr. Stephen Harper

Distiguished Professor of Entrepreneurship February 27, 2018

tekMountain has played a leading role and in some cases the leading role in fostering and accelerating the development of this area’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. tekMountain’s multi-dimensional impact includes its role in fostering entrepreneurship at UNCW. Yet these efforts are just a fraction of the ways tekMountain and Castle Branch have demonstrated their commitment to enhancing our region’s “quality of place.”

Matthew Magne

Product Marketing Manager, SAS February 26, 2018

Jess Ahlum

CEO, Health Impacts February 26, 2018

Emilyanne Aurelius

CEO, CFWIT February 26, 2018

Ian Oeschger

Information Architect, IBM February 26, 2018

Cam Weis

Director of Business Development, DAS February 26, 2018

Ross Hamilton

CEO, Connected Investors February 26, 2018

Andrew L. Kingoff

Acupuncturist February 19, 2018

It’s an incredible work experience!

Nivan Morgan

N/A February 19, 2018

My favorite place in Wilmington for both business AND pleasure ..

Rebecca Powell

N/A February 19, 2018

What a vibrant environment. Looking forward to being part of this dynamic group of entrepreneurs.

Elena Trofimchuk

Graphic & Web Designer February 19, 2018

Incredible working space, network opportunity and collaboration experience! My startup got so much help from fellow tekMountain members and mentors! Huge thanks to Sean Ahlum and his team for all their hard work to make it possible!

Sandy Guerriere

Freelancer February 19, 2018

This must be Google East …if it isn’t, it should be!!! Best place I’ve contracted work, and enjoyed the complex and tour by Ty Downing of Say It Social.

David Reeser

CEO, Wilmington IT Works February 19, 2018

Greatest place to work in the world. There are so many bright people here who want to collaborate and celebrate each other’s victories. I can’t imagine a cooler place for a start up company to call home.

Keri Ann

CEO/Founder February 19, 2018

I attended the Military Spouse Conference hosted by Tek Mountain in Wilmington, NC. I wanted to take the time to thank them for housing such an important event. It is an amazingly inspirational space and run by amazing people. #milspocon2017

Derek Schmidt

CEO, Design Loud & Swell Enterprises February 19, 2018

This place is great! It is like a playground for entrepreneurs and innovation. I’m not just talking about the free beer, gym membership or game area – I mean the ecosystem is great and everyone is eager to push you forward from seasoned mentors to other business owners. If there is something you need, someone in this building is willing to step up and offer some help.

Fred Ireland

N/A February 19, 2018

I wish I had a tech company startup so I could house it in their space. They have co-work space but also ping pong, fitness and even a brewery for the tenants to enjoy.

Bert James

N/A February 19, 2018

The future of collaborative innovation and progress works together here.

Mattias MacDowell

Entrepreneur February 19, 2018

By far the best place to start a business or co-work in Wilmington. Fantastic people, work space, gym, brewery, and mentors.

Shanade Beharry

N/A 2018-02-19 15:26:56

This is an excellent place for technology startup companies who are not able to have their own space just yet. There are a lot of cool companies located here. This building is really cool and there are lots of things here like exercise balls and little office nests where you can chill and a lots of materials that startups can use.

Mark Dudley

Marketing Manager 2018-02-19 15:25:22

This place is awesome. It’s a great place to meet business owners, entrepreneurs, tech savvy people and mentors. Great work space and meeting rooms, food trucks daily, Ted Talks on Tuesdays, etc. Then you have the whole lower level which is a game room, brewery and gym! Can’t beat this place if you’re looking for a shared work space or tech incubator.

Visite Wilmington Ilm

Editor in Chief 2018-02-19 15:23:59

“Divertirse trabajando, y trabajar divirtiéndose”. That’s my motto…

Andrew Williams

CEO of Elite Innovations February 19, 2018

It’s like some one plopped a “valley style” facility right here in Wilmington. I’ve enjoyed several community events led by thought leaders and was able to network with like-minded folks. Rockstar group, immaculate facility, and they have skee ball. I scored a 360, just saying, aim for those Bennys.