If you google “how to pitch investors,” the very first suggested query you’ll see is “how to pitch investors presentation.” Click it and the first hits you’ll get go something like this:

“5 Must-Have Presentation Tips . . . ”

“The Only 10 Slides You Need . . . ”

“9 Ways To Perfect Your Pitch . . . ”

And so on. These resources are all well and good, especially if it’s your first time seeking funding. Chances are, too, that even after the 20th time you’ve made a pitch, you’re still trying to trim the fat. Or rearrange your slide sequencing. Or find that one Powerpoint transition that really makes your infographic about infographics pop. But there’s no life hack for the confidence and polish that comes from having worked and reworked your pitch through actually pitching. Investors aren’t just investing in your product or service. They’re investing in you–your ability not only to carry your company in private, but also in public.

On Friday, November 11, five startups got that very opportunity at tekMountain, where we kicked off the local phase of SmartCamp 2016 , a global pitch competition put together by IBM and LAUNCH. And so, in spite of all website engagement metrics, we’d like to include each pitch in its entirety, because there’s no better way to learn than watching. Analyzing someone else’s pitch, you can certainly identify some dos and don’ts, but you might also experience an ah-ha! moment about your own product, or even your company as a whole.

So, without further ado, here’s the five contestants:

Lithios  – Raleigh, NC

Deshawn Brown, CEO

Sareena Helton, Business Development

Tim Rosenberg, Creative Strategist

BidLAN – Charleston, SC

Richard Souffrant, CEO

Voterheads – Columbia, SC

Karl McCollester, CEO

FaithHealthNET – Wilmington, NC

Adam Rosenberg, CTO

And the winner of SmartCamp 2016 – Wilmington:

Petrics, Inc. – Wilmington, NC

Edward Hall, CEO

Congratulations to Edward and Petrics, Inc. as they now have a chance to be selected as one of the 10 global semifinalists to attend the LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco, where three finalists will win a spot to pitch onstage and an interview with serial entrepreneur Jason Calcanis on his podcast. The Global Finals winner will land a spot in the LAUNCH incubator, as well as a $25,000 investment.

If you’d like some mentorship about perfecting your pitch and scaling your company, contact tekMountain today.


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