If you ask someone why they don’t exercise, chances are you’ll get one of the following responses:


“I’m too tired.”


“I’m too busy.”


“I just can’t get into the habit.”


“I don’t know where to begin.”


“I never see any results.”


Of course, there’s no one single trick that can kickstart a person’s fitness pursuits. And maybe that person is you who’s having difficulty getting into a healthy routine. But, all the above excuses considered, it may be easier than you think. A healthy lifestyle is really just a combination of organization and planning that translates how you approach exercise, diet, stress management, and sleeping habits. If you have even just the beginnings of a strategic framework in place, you’re more likely to put forth the effort to achieve results.


And there’s no better way to plan for getting your mind and body right than with the help of a little tech. Below you’ll find 5 apps that, when used in conjunction, are




Here’s where you build the architecture for your entire health plan.


Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or gain weight, MyFitnessPal will help you set dietary and exercise goals based on your daily level of activity, gender, age, height, and weight.


First, you set the your target weight and the timeframe in which you want to achieve this weight, after which the app will let you choose the amount of weight you’d like to lose per week. Then you use the app’s Diary component to track your progress:


Meal Tracker


This function is essentially a meal tracker/calorie counter. You can log each meal throughout the day by choosing from the app’s meal database, importing a recipe from a website, or manually entering ingredients. The Meal Tracker also allows you to save certain foods and meals so you don’t have to enter the same info every time.




This function will help you calculate your caloric expenditure via exercise. If you’re doing cardio, you just enter the amount of minutes you performed a preselected exercise (i.e., “aerobics – high intensity”) and the app will tell you how many calories you’ve burned. If you’re doing strength training, you enter the type of exercise along with the number of reps and sets. Currently, the app doesn’t calculate your caloric expenditure via strength training, but this sort of info can be found throughout the web.


MyFitnessPal’s Progress tab will then allow you to track your results over the timeframe in which you’ve set your desired fitness goal.




This app will connect your grocery shopping habits with your dietary needs.


With ShopWell, you can use your phone to scan foods on the shelf to help find your best nutritional options, you can connect your grocery store loyalty card to get suggestions every time you shop, and upload photos of your receipts to help keep track of your purchases.


This app not only allows you to filter your shopping experience according to the foods you want to avoid (allergens, meat, dairy, etc.), it also will help you plan according to preset dietary needs:


  • general health
  • weight management
  • heart healthy
  • digestive health
  • athletic training
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • healthy pregnancy


And if you’re dealing with particular medical issues that require special diets, ShopWell will find foods that will meet the needs for:


  • low FODMAP
  • osteoporosis
  • anemia
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • Type 1 & 2 diabetes


Every fitness plan needs consistent eating habits, and this app offers a great framework.




Oftentimes, the hardest part about working out is making sure that you’re not just doing the same routine over and over, risking a results plateau.


That’s why Jefit offers a database of over 1000 individual exercises spanning every muscle group. And when building your weekly workout plan, you can either choose preset plans from the database, or create your own plan by adding individual exercises from the database along with any of your own manually-entered exercises.


You’re also able to set your body goals according to:


  • target weight
  • target body fat %
  • gains measurements for chest, waist, arms, shoulders, forearms, necks, hips, and calves.


Along your journey, you’re able to log your workouts on a calendar in order to keep track of when it’s time to switch things up. You can even upload progress photos too!



In between all the chaos of the daily grind and your new fitness plan, you’re going to need time to decompress.

The free version of Headspace meditation and mindfulness app comes with the Take10 Program—introducing you to a 10-minute meditation practice for 10 days. For some, this may be enough to create their own practice going forward. But many will be interested in the premium package offer, a library of mindfulness exercises tailored to specific needs:


  • health
  • bravery
  • happiness
  • work & performance
  • students
  • sports


The premium version also contains a Singles option that’s more geared toward a particular moment in the day:


  • SOS
  • Good Morning
  • Goodnight
  • Sleep Sounds
  • Unwind
  • Rough Day
  • Anxious Moments
  • At Home
  • At Work
  • Walking
  • Travel
  • On-the-Go
  • Working Out


The app even offers a handful of meditation exercises for children. Regardless of who’s using it, the app also allows you to track your progress along the way.


Sleep Cycle


Every day should start with a good night’s sleep, and the Sleep Cycle app will help optimize your sleep patterns.


Via your phone’s microphone, the app just needs one night’s sleep to begin tracking your sleep patterns via sound and movement, ranging from awake, to sleep, to deep sleep. Then the app will rate your sleep quality.


From here, you’re able to customize your waking routine by analyzing your sleep trends according to:


  • Sleep quality per day of week
  • Time in bed per day of week
  • Shortest night
  • Longest night
  • Best night
  • Worst night


You can then customize your alarm sound or vibration, snooze settings, and most importantly, your wake-up phase: how early the alarm begins to sound, ranging from 90 minutes to 10 minutes before your desired wake time.


Success Starts with Fitness


Here at tekMountain, one of the nation’s top emerging innovation and entrepreneurial centers, it’s no coincidence we have a fitness center on-site. Equipped with strength-training machines, cardio machines, exercise classes, and more, we offer our employees a means for maintaining their physical well-being, while also bolstering their mind via weekly meditation/yoga? (insert link to Jessica Ahlum’s classes).


We know how much health and fitness fuel the creative drive, and that’s why we encourage your company to help your employees to realize their utmost potential via the latest and greatest tech.


This blog was produced by the tekMountain Team of Sean AhlumAmanda Sipes, Kelly Brown and Bill DiNome  with lead writer Zach Cioffi.

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