When it comes to telehealth adoption, it appears that the industry has reached the tipping point.

Increased consumer demand, research activity and investment in telehealth are all at a stage where the “law of accelerating returns” suggests that technological advances will be exponential rather than linear, and that as the technology increasingly proves itself to be effective greater resources will need to be deployed towards furthering its reach and impact.

In addition to advances through technology research and development, assessments of telehealth and the capacity for innovation should also consider the legal and regulatory considerations governing use practices and coverage. The ability to effectively connect both the technology-enabled model of care delivery with the business model for managing care will promote greater adoption and, since organizational change management is central to successful implementation and integration at scale, evidence of best practices that can inform strategies for the effective redesign of workflow and managing data in a process of continuous learning and adaptation are critical.

Source: 4 Ways to Advance Telehealth Through Innovation – HealthTech

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