Focusing on #medtech and #fintech

If you’re serious about artificial intelligence—and if your business is in medtech or fintech, why wouldn’t you be?—you need to book yourself into an AI conference or two this year. It’s an incredibly fast-changing field. So bringing back new learning and a creative take on emerging trends to the people who drive your company’s progress is absolutely critical.

Even though we’re now into the year’s second quarter, there are still plenty of good conferences to choose among, still plenty of time to get on board.

We’ve selected more than a score of major conferences, emphasizing those which include convenings on healthcare, medtech and fintech.


Artificial Intelligence Conference

O’Reilly Media founder and CEO Tim O’Reilly has been called “the Oracle of Silicon Valley” (Inc. magazine). O’Reilly Media focuses heavily on training in technology and business. The following conferences are presented by O’Reilly Conferences and Intel AI:


Singularity University Summits

The mission of SU is “to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address” humanity’s 12 “grand challenges” such as energy, water, disaster relief, and security. The main event is the Global Summit in August.

  • 23-24 Apr, Sao Paolo

  • 20-22 Aug, Global Summit, San Francisco — The Global Summit is SU’s flagship event for “exponential technologies” (those exhibiting exponential growth curves).

  • 15-16 Oct., Johannesburg, S.A.

  • 25-26 Oct., Stockholm

  • 19-20 June, Bangkok

  • 8-9 Oct, Cascais, Portugal


Machine Learning Innovation Summit

Leaders in the field of machine learning will present on topics that include building autonomous vehicles using machine learning; machine learning in search and recommendation systems; using deep learning in text-to-speech and speech-to-text; and leveraging AI to optimize customer experience.

  • 9-10 May, San Francisco


Data Disrupt

Financial services, being data driven, has collected more data probably than most other industries. DataDisrupt is focused on the impact of large-scale data sets, new data sources, innovative analytic techniques.

  • 22-24 May, New York



Re.Work’s number and range of events throughout the year are practically unrivaled. They are especially notable for the series of Women in AI Dinners, opportunities for networking and hearing from women trend-setters at the forefront the AI space.

Women in AI Dinners:

  • 22 May, Boston

  • 12 June, Singapore

  • 26 June, San Francisco

  • 11 July, London

  • 4 September, New York

Selected Re.Work conferences:

NOTE: Early Bird tickets for the Deep Learning & Deep Learning in Healthcare Summits, Boston end 6 April.

  • 6-7 June: AI in Healthcare Summit, Hong Kong — Explore recent breakthroughs in technical advancements and healthcare applications


The AI Summit

Boasting some of the largest events of their kind addressing practical implications of AI for enterprise organizations, the AI Summits were among the early entrants into the AI conference space.


Gartner Catalyst Conference

This conference focuses on the cloud, IoT, edge computing strategies, agility and DevOps, Big Data, BI, analytics, and making sense of blockchain.

  • 20-23 Aug, San Diego


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This blog was produced by the tekMountain Team of Sean AhlumAmanda Sipes, Kelly Brown and Zach Cioffi with lead writer  Bill DiNome .

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