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Colorado cannabis company shows high interest in Wilmington

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. One company from that state partnered with tekMountain to present it in the Cape Fear. TekMountain is a company… Read more »

Boston Children’s emerges as digital health innovator and accelerator

As one of the largest pediatric medical centers in the country, Boston Children’s Hospital has gained a reputation as a nationally ranked healthcare organization. But, it’s in the area of… Read more »

The Challenging Perception Of Startup Culture

Influenced by popular media, millennials are drawn to younger organizations by what they imagine to be “great culture” with free sushi and beanbags. Interestingly, the perception of what startup culture… Read more »

The Seismic Shakeup in Healthcare Marketing: Are You Ready?

Due to liability and risk concerns, marketers in healthcare and life sciences have been largely sheltered from many of the trends shaking other industries to the core. However, this extra… Read more »

Southern Tech Biotech program first to pilot BACE test in Oklahoma

A test making its way across the nation has found its way to Ardmore. Biotechnology students at Southern Tech took the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam—an industry-reconginzed exam that is designed… Read more »

How do connected care technologies play a role in healthcare?

As technology progresses, so too do individuals’ views of how it can be used in healthcare. Philips’ recently released Future Health Index takes a closer look. The results come from interviews with… Read more »

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3 Videos That Make Viral Look Easy

Which video do you think is more likely to go viral? A 30 second trailer of Brad Pitt running through a burning building, or a 30 second phone video of Brad Pitt dancing at a bar?

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Home Business Seeing green: what Wilmington can learn from Denver about growing the cannabis… – Port City Daily

Port City DailyHome Business Seeing green: what Wilmington can learn from Denver about growing the cannabis…Port City DailyShe visited TekMountain in Wilmington to talk about the growth of the cannabis… Read more »

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Chris Heivly of The Startup Factory on Being an Underdog

Chris Heivly, also known as the “Chief Pot-Stirrer” in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina, is the Managing Partner at The Startup Factory, a serial entrepreneur, and the cofounder of MapQuest. He’s… Read more »

5 Sales Trends That Could Benefit Your Small Business

Running a small business requires a substantial amount of multitasking. One of the important tasks of running a small business is identifying key sales trends to increase revenue and benefit… Read more »

US Military Taps into Innovations in Startup Tech World

“We like to work with the government because we think we can help the government save money, bring a capability that doesn’t exist, and through that hopefully save some lives,”… Read more »

Why hospitals are so vulnerable to ransomware attacks

The WannaCry ransomware that targeted around 300,000 machines in 150 countries first came on the public radar when 48 U.K. medical facilities were infected by the virus. Though the impact… Read more »

Durham startup iScribes aims to make health care human again

​Jared Pelo, founder and CEO of Durham-based iScribes is working to make health care human again. iScribes is a technology enabled medical service that frees physicians’ hands from computers and tablets… Read more »

7 ways entrepreneurs raise money for businesses –

“Anyone will write you a check,” said TekMountain director Sean Ahlum. “Money moves all around the country for a good idea, but the No. 1 thing you want is mentorship,… Read more »

Health IT startups to watch in 2017: A running list

From companies created to work in best in today’s new value-based healthcare system to precision medicine, data analytics and interoperability, you can count on a healthcare IT landscape that is… Read more »

Tidewater Equity Partners opens Wilmington HQ – Greater Wilmington Business Journal

Greater Wilmington Business JournalTidewater Equity Partners opens Wilmington HQGreater Wilmington Business JournalTidewater, whose office is at tekMountain, will use its network and expertise to foster innovation in southeastern North Carolina,… Read more »

What the current US venture industry looks like in 24 charts

The US venture market was a bit unsettled heading into 2017. Dealmaking last year was a bit frosty compared to 2014 and 2015, when capital seemed easy to come by…. Read more »

Healthy fundraising geared toward US mid-market sets stage for competition

Pegged as a potentially more fruitful arena for attractive valuations, the US middle market hasn’t been overwhelmed with much new PE fundraising over the past several years.   Source: PitchBook

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