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Talent will determine the world’s next tech investment hubs

For years, Silicon Valley wasn’t the main place many venture capitalists looked for deals — it was the only place. But the Bay Area is beginning to lose its once… Read more »

Rock Health: Digital health adoption on the rise, but wearables, telemedicine lag behind

Eighty-seven percent of Americans used at least one digital health tool in 2017, up from 80 percent in 2015, according to a new survey out from Rock Health. For the… Read more »

7 Women Leaders At Corporate Venture Capital Funds You Should Know

Your startup may be intent on disrupting their industry, however, in the venture maze of funding options, it would benefit your business to pay much more attention to corporate venture… Read more »

Apple Buys Maker of Augmented Reality Lenses

Apple Inc. (AAPL) has acquired a Denver, Colorado-based manufacturer of augmented reality lenses for an undisclosed sum. Apple’s acquisition of the startup offers the clearest indication yet that the Cupertino,… Read more »

Okay Google: Voice Search Technology And The Rise Of Voice Commerce

Whether you say “Okay Google” or “Alexa” (depending on which smart speaker you have) – voice search technology is changing our world. Source: “Okay Google: Voice Search Technology And The… Read more »

Do You Have Too Much Tech or Not Enough? 5 Ways to Find Out

Your office technology fuels your business — but what’s too much tech, and what’s too little? Source: Do You Have Too Much Tech or Not Enough? 5 Ways to Find… Read more »

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3 Videos That Make Viral Look Easy

Which video do you think is more likely to go viral? A 30 second trailer of Brad Pitt running through a burning building, or a 30 second phone video of Brad Pitt dancing at a bar?

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On the event horizon for October: 80+ events across NC – WRAL Tech Wire

WRAL Tech WireOn the event horizon for October: 80+ events across NCWRAL Tech WirePlenty of technology and life science events and deadlines are on tap for October, and we suggest… Read more »

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These 3 Voices Build A Bridge Between EdTech Startups And Teachers

There is no shortage of edtech entrepreneurs who want to bring more technology into the classroom or within higher education institutions. Over the past five years, an ecosystem has emerged… Read more »

How a Fast-Growing Startup Built Its Sales Team for Long-Term Success

It’s common for leaders of sales teams to focus almost exclusively on short-term tactics and current operations while failing to think and act in a way that supports the longer-term… Read more »

Best Stocks 2018: 4 Biotech and Healthcare Stocks to Buy Now

As far as industries go, few are quite as complex, multifaceted, and, as T. Rowe Price Health Sciences fund portfolio manager Ziad Bakri puts it, “idiosyncratic” as health care. The… Read more »

HR Tech: Why customers should be at the centre of every software investment

With new HR technologies being released all the time and the pace of change accelerating, it was important to hear who had “been there, done that”. Source: HR Tech: Why… Read more »

ICYMI Dec. 3-9: New restaurants and hidden gems, plus ‘squishies’ and historic homes

Olivia is 11, and she’s TekMountain’s youngest entrepreneur, building a business based on squishies and slime. What’s a squishie? It’s like a stress ball, with a lot more personality. And… Read more »

AI Is the Next Phase of Human Evolution | HuffPost

I think we’re missing the bigger picture when it comes to AI. Once again humanity tricked itself into thinking that this time, it’s the end. That the looming technological revolution… Read more »

Meet the 11-year-old who’s made a business out of slime

Meet Olivia Alexander, 11, TekMountain’s youngest member and owner of Squishtastic. Alexander started Squishtastic to raise money for a new…and more » Meet the 11-year-old who’s made a business out of… Read more »

Meet the 11-year-old who's made a business out of slime and squishies – Port City Daily

Port City DailyMeet the 11-year-old who's made a business out of slime and squishiesPort City DailyWILMINGTON — Meet Olivia Alexander, 11, TekMountain's youngest member and owner of Squishtastic. Alexander started… Read more »

4 key trends in VC healthtech investment

People are living longer. The global average lifespan has risen steadily since 2000, and in the EU, it’s topped 80 for the first time, according to a study released last… Read more »

The Best AI Companies To Work For In 2018 Based On Glassdoor

Facebook, NVIDIA, Adobe, Microsoft, Uber, and Accenture are the five best AI companies to work for in 2018 based on Glassdoor Research and % of employees who would recommend this… Read more »

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