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Our Picks

HR Technology For 2018: Ten Disruptions Ahead

For many years the focus on HR technology was to automate and integrate HR practices. This meant online payroll, record-keeping, learning management, resume capture, interview and hiring, assessment, performance appraisals,… Read more »

The #1 Problem in EdTech? It’s Not What You Think!

Like other fields that are driven by technology, innovation and research — such as cyber security, biotech and unified communications — EdTech is constantly changing; sometimes for the better, sometimes… Read more »

Medtech Employers Need to Keep Pace with Job Market

The medical device and diagnostics industry is a smart place to build a career. Professionals working in the field say they enjoy the work for the chance to pioneer new… Read more »

4 Top Growth Picks to Avoid Tax Tangle in MedTech

According a report by Business Insider, the Republican tax plan repeals an itemized deduction that applies to healthcare expenses. If the new bill gets implemented, families with high healthcare expenditure will be… Read more »

As Entrepreneurship Thrives, Women Are Starting More Innovative Businesses Than Men

Americans are feeling pretty good about starting companies. More than 25 million Americans were starting or running new businesses in the United States in the past two years, and more… Read more »

Tek’s ideas are bigger than he is

The Top Reasons Startups Fail

Down through the years, some startups really struck gold. When Accel Partners invested $14.8 million in a website called “thefacebook.com” back in 2005, they made a return of $5.6 billion… Read more »

Google takes aim at medtech for Launchpad Studio’s first batch of AI-focused startups

Google has been going all-in on artificial intelligence and machine learning for some time now, and part of that is, of course, nurturing the growing ecosystem around it, from developer… Read more »

Where venture capital has peaked | TechCrunch

“Peak startup” is a phrase that no doubt strikes terror in the hearts of entrepreneurs and startup investors alike. But saying “peak startup” is not the same as saying that… Read more »

The Innovation Health Care Really Needs: Help People Manage Their Own Health

Finally, health care, which has been largely immune to the forces of disruptive innovation, is beginning to change. Seeing the potential to improve health with simple primary-care strategies, some of the… Read more »

Amazon’s Latest Idea to Get Packages Into Your Home Might Require You to Change the Locks

Amazon.com has plans to drop off packages directly into shoppers’ homes. The world’s largest online retailer on Wednesday announced Amazon Key, a lock and camera system that users control remotely to let delivery… Read more »

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Do Ex-Startup Founders Make The Best Venture Capitalists?

We crunched the data to see if there was a correlation between prior entrepreneurial experience — which we defined as having founded or co-founded a company — and VCs’ placement… Read more »

23rd annual Cucalorus Festival is headed back to downtown Wilmington

For 22 years, the Cucalorus Festival has incubated some of the finest creative minds in the southeast. This year, you can expect to see the same setup of independent films,… Read more »

How to Be Startup CEO | The Startup Guide – Creating a Better World Through Entrepreneurship

Being the CEO of a startup is one of the most challenging roles out there. Your job is to build a product customers love; recruit a team; find funding from… Read more »

As artificial intelligence makes the future, UMN researchers look to contribute 

Twenty-five years ago, Nikos Papanikolopoulos started working in the University of Minnesota’s Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Vision lab.For the first five years, the lab researched and developed robotics that were… Read more »

Digitize your data to elevate your business strategy

Research shows many wealth management firms recognize that digital strategy for customer engagement and operational excellence is a top priority. But the idea of digitally transforming a business can feel… Read more »

Swell Systems Provides Businesses With An Affordable All-In-One Solution For Increased Team’s Productivity

Swell Systems, Inc is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider which develops and maintains software applications using cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate and increase productivity for… Read more »

Five Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Virtual Machines Could Revolutionize Your Business

Since being widely adopted in the 1980s, computers have dramatically changed the way we do business. They forever transformed the workplace, replacing old-fashioned typewriters and word processors. And in the… Read more »

10 Cool Companies from the CED Tech Venture Conference

For the second year in a row, ExitEvent interviewed more than 50 startup founders over two days at the CED Tech Venture Conference. It was all-hands-on-deck effort leaving us with pages of… Read more »

5 Things You Need to Ask Yourself Before Launching Your Business

When you’re watching other people play Scrabble, it’s easy to see ample opportunities to place tiles and score more points. But, when you’re actually in the game yourself, it can be… Read more »

Billions pour into LA as it gears up to be the next Silicon Valley

When Snapchat parent company Snap went public in a $3.4 billion IPO offering in March, it proved yet again what a growing number of venture capitalists have been betting on for months:… Read more »

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Apple Is Going After The Health Care Industry, Starting With Personal Health Data

The market opportunity in health care is huge, and Apple sees health care and wellness as a core part of its app, services, and wearables strategies. Now the company is aiming to become… Read more »

How to choose a PR firm that’s right for your startup or scaleup

For any startup, choosing the right service providers can have a strong bearing on the success or failure of your venture. Whether it’s IT maintenance, HR support, accountancy or PR,… Read more »

7 Startups to Watch in the Triad

When Brian Platz co-founded HR tech firm SilkRoad Technology in Winston-Salem 13 years ago, it was hard to find technical talent and even harder to keep it. Fast forward to 2017, and his summer… Read more »

NC has already sweetened the pot for Amazon-size jobs and spending

Amazon’s plan to build a second headquarters somewhere in the United States, setting up a ferocious nationwide competition, is just the kind of project the North Carolina legislature had in… Read more »

Amazon’s Biggest Acquisitions

CB Insights discovered in theiranalysis of Amazon’s M&A strategy, Amazon has traditionally been a conservative buyer of companies. Despite the historic Whole Foods mega-acquisition ($13.7B) as well as a few big-name buys… Read more »

What Apple’s Patents In AR, AI, And Facial Recognition Mean For Future iPhones

With Apple’s release of the iPhone 8 line and the high-end iPhone X (which commemorates the iPhone’s 10th anniversary), we have a new vision of where we are in personal technology today…. Read more »

Wilmington’s Elite Innovations gets products to market

Andrew Williams, founder and CEO of Wilmington-based Elite Innovations, one of the lynch-pins of the evolving startup ecosystem in the Wilmington area, has been inventing things since he was in… Read more »

Videos, Tweets, Photos & Slides From SalesJam 4.0

A full recap of our fourth half-day sales training event, held last Friday in downtown Durham Check out the media below to get a full picture of SalesJam 4.0, the half-day… Read more »

If You’re Serious About Faster Startup Growth Get Serious About Diversity On Your Team

Turning a startup into a successful high-growth business is a constant race against time. The entrepreneur is driving to achieve the milestones that make the company profitable as investors and… Read more »

What’s next in HR Tech?

HR technology is evolving at a rapid pace, as technology itself advances. HR and business leaders are turning to the latest technologies to make their people processes efficient and effective,… Read more »

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How MedTech Is Revolutionising The Healthcare Industry

From Internet of things – IoT and smart homes to driverless cars and wireless charging, 2017 is supposed to be a big year for technology. But we still don’t see cars driving… Read more »

Nearly $12M Goes to MedTech, Sales Tech, Facial Recognition, An Energy Drink & VC Fund This Week

A science technology company based in Wilmington, North Carolina, has raised $3.4 million in a private equity offering, according to a filing Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.   Source: Nearly… Read more »

Amazon’s Secretive Team 1492 May Be Exploring Health Tech

Amazon reportedly has a secretive project lab, which it has dubbed “1492,” with a focal point centered around medical technologies ranging from records-keeping to over-the-air doctors visits and diagnostics. That’s… Read more »

Nanotechnology Device Can Heal Damaged Tissues With A Single Touch

The technology Tissue Nanotransfection can repair injured legs with just one touch. Treatment takes less than a second and does not have any known side effects. Here’s how it works…. Read more »

Zombie startups: why are entrepreneurs failing to grow their businesses?

For all the support they promise startups, business accelerators are arguably not delivering. Too many startup founders are not getting to the finishing line of a big pay day on… Read more »

15-Year-Old Teenager Built A Profitable EdTech Business In 1 Year

Ian McCue is a 17-year-old entrepreneur from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is an Economics major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and plans to graduate in 2019. Although he… Read more »

8 Digital Stats From Last Week That Marketing Players Need to Know

There was a ton of newsworthy stats and research revealed in the last several days around digital advertising, social media marketing and other topics. Check out the eight digital marketing… Read more »

Start-Up Day Across America – Celebrating entrepreneurship across the country.

On August 1st, 2017, we invite all Members of Congress to celebrate the ingenuity and entrepreneurship taking place right in their back-yards. Startup Day Across America connects elected officials with the… Read more »

Tips to Select an HR Tech Vendor

Implementing a new HR or human capital management (HCM) system is often the first step towards enabling HR strategy with technology. The CHRO will often spend months designing the people… Read more »

MedTech Stocks to Top Q2 Estimates

While twists and turns unfold at the Capitol Hill, markets watchers will keep a tab on the influence that each dramatic move will have the spaces closely related. Here, we… Read more »

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What it’s Like to be a Startup Outside a Major Tech Hub

While companies can be based anywhere, there’s no denying that a lot of major customers will be based in cities like London. It’s therefore important to find ways to adapt… Read more »

Technology Can Be A Tool, A Teacher, A Trickster

In the early days, the user had to train herself to the system, exaggerating phonemes, speaking in slow staccato bursts. These days, it’s the system that trains itself to the… Read more »

5 Ways Technology Is Making Healthcare More Accessible

In the last two decades, technology has fundamentally altered the way that people communicate, do business, and consume media, but it also impacts us in a much more intimate way,… Read more »

4 Leadership Lessons You Won’t Learn in Business School

Nailing down your MBA could help give you the business savvy you need to launch your startup or rise in the ranks of your current company. But not having that… Read more »

Tech start-ups need clear marketing strategy

It needs to be one of the first “issues” that new or fledgling tech businesses address. Marketing strategies either spell success or result in abject failure. It’s a strategy that… Read more »

The 15 Best U.S. Cities for Entrepreneurs to Live and Launch

Entrepreneurship is not the solo endeavor it’s often billed to be. The most visionary founders still need helping hands to bring their dreams to life. They still need communities to support them,… Read more »

Why Millennials Prefer Startup Jobs To Traditional Offices

You’ve heard it before. The startup culture, startup working style. Startup this, startup that. Why do millennials gravitate towards an office or company that operates in this kind of style? Well… Read more »

Inside the Q2 2017 global venture capital ecosystem

One thing is clear: The market for startup equity is on firmer footing now than it was three months ago. With two successive quarters of growth, both in the number of… Read more »

Trump Administration Blocks ‘Startup Visas’

The Trump administration said it plans to rescind an Obama-era program that would allow foreign entrepreneurs who launch startup companies in the U.S. to live in the country, in the… Read more »

Health Tech Podcast: Psychologists Become App Developers

Dr. Jonathan Bricker and Dr. Jaimee Heffner are psychologists and researchers at Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, but they’ve turned to app development to create a hybrid of tech and science that… Read more »

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Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF

You’ve questioned the status quo; you’re ready to shake things up. But does your innovative startup have what it takes to be the next Dropbox, Mint or Trello? It’s time… Read more »

No prescribed age to be an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship, much like professional dancing is often a passionate affair between a man and his creation. And, just as in dancing, entrepreneurship takes creativity, perseverance, agility, discipline, and teamwork to… Read more »

Gender diversity in tech companies pays

The better a tech company’s gender diversity, the greater its returns, on average. So, says bank giant Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley came to this conclusion after reviewing research conducted by its Sustainability… Read more »

10 Ways To Attract Tech Talent As A Growing Startup

Hiring tech talent — software engineers, data scientists, DevOps, and related — is hard, especially when your business is new or on the small side. But it doesn’t have to… Read more »

Student battles eating disorder, founds small business, inspires others – WECT-TV6

Student battles eating disorder, founds small business, inspires othersWECT-TV6As Kate Redenbaugh walks inside TekMountain, she knows how far she’s come. Her journey to overcome anorexia nervosa was never easy. “It’s… Read more »

Australian “Deep” Tech – A Hidden Opportunity 

When the world thinks innovation or startup havens, Australia is not necessarily the first place which springs to mind. Sure, we have strengths in other industries. Traditional professional services, mining, construction,… Read more »

Starting a Medtech Company? Try Skipping Venture Capital, VCs Say

“Don’t take venture money if you can avoid it,” said Frashier, who now is a managing partner at San Antonio venture firm Targeted Technology. “If you can get there in a… Read more »

10 Mistakes I’ve Made in Business Incubation

One of the most important things I encourage entrepreneurs to do is to learn from their mistakes. After “doing” business incubation now for 7 years in 3 states and working with… Read more »

Why I love the Detroit startup scene

When choosing to move to Detroit, a city that has been in a recent state of rebuild, many do so to roll up their sleeves, get to work, and make… Read more »

Seeding the future: how university incubators are helping postgrads’ ideas bear fruit

Bumping into a former Nasa engineer at a university networking event gave business postgraduate Matt Ritchie an entrepreneurial steer. He intended to return to accountancy after an MBA (master’s in… Read more »

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50 Statistics on the Latest Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2017

As marketers, we all want to know the numbers. What is working, which strategies are driving conversions, and where can I get the most bang for my buck? Below is… Read more »

The Top 5 Reasons EdTech Startups Fail And How To Avoid Them

Many people who went to public school believe they know how the system works. Unfortunately, unless you’ve worked within the public education system, there is no possible way you can… Read more »

5 Ways Marketing Automation Helps Startups Succeed

Let’s face it: It can be overwhelming to keep up with new digital-marketing strategies, social media, drip campaigns and all the other emerging opportunities in the world of marketing technology. There’s so… Read more »

Cambia Grove founder joins AWS as liaison to healthcare industry

As more entrepreneurs and startups join the healthcare industry and larger companies begin to digitize on a large scale, cloud computing services that tailor to the specific needs of healthcare… Read more »

Bootstrapping Your Startup Starts With Modern Marketing

Funding a business by yourself can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Businesses are expensive, requires knowledge and efficiency and leaves little room for errors. But time and time again entrepreneurs… Read more »

Doctors investing in health tech start-ups

At least two groups, FundRx in New York and angelMD in Seattle, are connecting physicians with cash to spare with medical startups in need of funding. AngelMD’s pitch to companies:… Read more »

Telemedicine Legislation Takes Aim at Chronic Kidney Disease

The latest telemedicine legislation to hit Capitol Hill this year looks to add telehealth to the treatment regimen for the estimated 30 million Americans affected by chronic kidney disease, especially… Read more »

IKEA’s New Startup Incubator

Well known for disrupting the furniture industry and getting us all hooked on Swedish meatballs, IKEA has recently announced the launch of an incubator program. IKEA Bootcamp will focus on eight… Read more »

For Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital Is Not Always the Best Option

You want numbers? Peter Dering has numbers. Peak Design, the camera accessories company he bootstrapped in 2011 with $25,000 from savings, has now raised more than $14 million. It has… Read more »

Digital health has hit an inflection point

Among consumers, for instance, 60 percent are willing to share health data with Google, according to the 2016 Rock Health Consumer Survey with 4,015 respondents, cited by the Meeker report…. Read more »

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Startup helps medical students get into the U.S.

A health care startup that connects international medical students to clinical experience in the United States took home the top prize at the University of Chicago’s New Venture Challenge Thursday…. Read more »

NICE to launch online assessment tool for medtech companies

NICE’s Scientific Advice service is launching an online tool to help medical device and diagnostics developers. Developers will be able to understand and generate the evidence needed to show their… Read more »

Accelerator vs. Incubator: Which Is Right for You?

Often entrepreneurs entering the startup arena are exposed to a completely new business vernacular. Unless these brave souls peddling their new ideas have a background in finance, they find themselves… Read more »

Colorado cannabis company shows high interest in Wilmington

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. One company from that state partnered with tekMountain to present it in the Cape Fear. TekMountain is a company… Read more »

Boston Children’s emerges as digital health innovator and accelerator

As one of the largest pediatric medical centers in the country, Boston Children’s Hospital has gained a reputation as a nationally ranked healthcare organization. But, it’s in the area of… Read more »

The Challenging Perception Of Startup Culture

Influenced by popular media, millennials are drawn to younger organizations by what they imagine to be “great culture” with free sushi and beanbags. Interestingly, the perception of what startup culture… Read more »

The Seismic Shakeup in Healthcare Marketing: Are You Ready?

Due to liability and risk concerns, marketers in healthcare and life sciences have been largely sheltered from many of the trends shaking other industries to the core. However, this extra… Read more »

Southern Tech Biotech program first to pilot BACE test in Oklahoma

A test making its way across the nation has found its way to Ardmore. Biotechnology students at Southern Tech took the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam—an industry-reconginzed exam that is designed… Read more »

How do connected care technologies play a role in healthcare?

As technology progresses, so too do individuals’ views of how it can be used in healthcare. Philips’ recently released Future Health Index takes a closer look. The results come from interviews with… Read more »

50 Marketing Tools to Help Your Business Crush the Competition

With the right tools in place, marketers can move ahead of the competition with minimal effort. Knowledge is power in today’s marketing efforts. It is crucial that businesses have the latest… Read more »

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